Our History

Fall 2023: Frontline completes an extended BING™ test campaign and accrues 30-days of operation converting agricultural biomass from the Central Valley of California into pipeline spec natural gas as an investment milestone for the San Joaquin Renewables project.

Spring 2023: Frontline completes installation and begins commissioning of its fully integrated BING™ pilot plant to convert Biomass-Into-Natural Gas.

Summer 2022: Frontline completes gasification pilot testing for two biofuels projects.

Spring 2022: Frontline installs next generation TarFreeGas® gasifier convertor in an updated, high pressure pilot plant at its headquarters in Nevada, IA.

October 2021: The San Joaquin Renewables project, which is being developed by Frontline, secures development and construction equity funding commitment.

June 2021: Frontline secures license agreement for breakthrough auto-thermal pyrolysis technology.

December 2020: Project partner San Joaquin Renewables is approved for a D3-RIN pathway.

May 2020: Frontline employee Joseph Polin, PhD is granted U.S. patent 10,851,037 for his work with biomass pyrolysis.

June 2019: Frontline moves its engineering office to its pilot plant location at 1521 West F Avenue, Nevada, IA 50201.

October 2018: Frontline signs EPC agreement with Stine Seed Farms to build an auto-thermal pyrolysis plant based on technology developed at Iowa State University.

Summer 2018: Frontline successfully demonstrates methane production at its pilot plant.

Spring 2018: Frontline forms San Joaquin Renewables as a project entity and begins the development of a renewable natural gas plant to be built in the San Joaquin Valley of California.

Fall 2017: Frontline successfully demonstrates methanol production yields in excess of 125 gallons per dry ton of feedstock.

November 2016: Frontline selected as project partner in a 1.5 MWe advanced gasification-to-power project in the United Kingdom.

May 2016: Frontline granted US Patent 9,353,321 for its TarFreeGas® technology.

Summer 2015: Frontline successfully produces methanol from wood residues and refuse-derived fuel using its TarFreeGas®, PMFreeGas®, and PerfectGasTM technologies.

Winter 2013: Frontline expands its gas cleaning and conditioning system that produces synthesis quality gas for production of methanol, Fischer-Tropsch liquids, ammonia, or other fuels or chemicals.

Summer 2013: Frontline successfully demonstrates TarFreeGas®, its next-generation gasifier for production of low tar syngas.

November 2013: Frontline granted US Patent 8,580,019 for its PMFreeGas® technology.

May 2013: DenYon Energy selects Frontline’s TarFreeGas® technology for turkey-litter energy project.

April 2013: Frontline selected for U.S. Department of Energy grant to develop advanced drop-in biofuels for the military.

July 2012: Frontline obtains excellent emissions data for the combustion of gas produced by the gasification of refuse-derived fuel at its pilot facility in Nevada, Iowa.

December 2011: Frontline signs a contract with DenYon Energy, LLC, to design and develop a farm-scale commercial gasifier for the conversion of poultry litter to energy.

Fall 2011: Frontline begins work revamping its pilot facility in Nevada, Iowa, incorporating the next generation of its TarFreeGas® technology. This new technology promises to produce a syngas completely free of tars and particulates.

April 2011: SGC Energia invests in Frontline, bringing a new focus on liquid hydrocarbons synthesis.

July 2010: Frontline adds oxygen-blown gasification capability at its pilot facility in Nevada, Iowa, increasing its capacity to >10 dry tons/day.

Fall 2009: Frontline begins gasifying refuse-derived fuel (RDF) pellets at its pilot facility in Nevada, Iowa.

June 2009: CVEC becomes the majority shareholder, and William A. Lee becomes new CEO at Frontline BioEnergy LLC.

Spring 2008: Finished installing 75 ton/day commercial system at CVEC that allows Frontline BioEnergy to offer robust, large-scale gasification systems.

January 2006: Relocated to Ames, IA, to enhance opportunities within the ethanol and agricultural industries, as well as collaborate further with Iowa State University and the state of Iowa.

November 2005: Company restructured to become an LLC and bring ISU researcher, Jerod Smeenk, on board. The firm also partnered with Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company for a three-year, $15 million development contract.

2003-2005: Conducted DOE-funded research, consulting, and contract research.

May 2003: Frontline’s predecessor original founding in Colorado by John Reardon and Norman Reese.

Arlon leading a Frontline tour.
CVEC facility 3
A natural gas filling station.
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