Our Projects

We Develop Our Own Projects

San Joaquin Renewables:

A California plant that will produce nearly 4.5 billion cubic feet/year of renewable natural gas. The plant will take orchard waste that is usually lost to pile-burning and convert it into renewable natural gas. This project will lessen the San Joaquin Valley’s air pollution while also providing a local fuel supply. For more information, visit sjrgas.com or watch a short video.  To read about the project funding agreement, visit  our press release.

We Deliver Project Solutions to Others

Frontline partners with project developers; engineering, procurement, and construction firms; technology providers; and finance organizations to deliver integrated feedstock, energy, fuel, chemical, and/or renewable product solution.

Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company (CVEC):

In 2007, Frontline’s first commercial gasifier started up. This plant processed 75 tons of corn cobs and wood waste per day, producing fuel for a CVEC ethanol plant boiler in Benson, Minnesota.

The CVEC gasification plant.

Stine Seed Farms:

Frontline is engineering, procuring, and constructing a modular 50 ton per day pyrolysis demonstration plant in Redfield, Iowa. This plant will utilize auto-thermal pyrolysis which is more efficient and versatile than regular pyrolysis. The plant will produce bio-oil and biochar that have a variety of uses.

The modules of the Stine plant assembled at the project site.

Stine logo

Upcoming Projects

The following lists projects in development by Frontline or others using Frontline technology:

  • 1200 tons/day of mill and forest residuals into methanol

  • 900 tons/day of construction and demolition wood into renewable natural gas

  • 300 tons/day of biosolids and animal manure into renewable natural gas

  • 600 tons/day of wood chips and nut shells into renewable natural gas
  • 1500 tons/day of municipal solid waste to renewable natural gas