Capabilities and Services

Frontline’s seasoned and experienced team provides full-service engineering, from feasibility to detailed, to our own biomass gasification projects as well as other projects. At Frontline, we only hire the best engineers and provide them with state-of-the-art tools and resources to accomplish our projects.

Our Pilot Facilities

Frontline knows that understanding is only demonstrated through rigorous testing. That is why our pilot facilities in Nevada, Iowa, can test virtually every new aspect of a plant design. The facilities have fully integrated features that allow most any feedstock to be processed into finished products like renewable natural gas, renewable hydrogen, or renewable chemicals. Our pilot facilities are complemented with laboratory analysis capabilities at Frontline and at Iowa State University. All of these capabilities come together to allow Frontline to perfect engineering solutions before implementing them at a commercial scale.

CVEC facility 4


New Process Design and Specification

Frontline creates detailed process specifications for its licensed technologies and processes, specific and customized to your needs. We optimize process parameters for flexibility, efficiency, and low cost.

Process Engineering, Optimization, and Control System Design

Frontline can design your plant from start to finish. We can enhance your facility’s process with proven engineering expertise in:

  • process and plant design
  • chemical reaction engineering
  • heat transfer engineering
  • mechanical engineering
  • systems integration
  • controls, instrumentation, and general arrangement
  • and even detailed mechanical design

Startup Assistance

Frontline assures that you get what you paid for during construction, unit check-out, punch listing, and creation of detailed procedures and operator training.

Ongoing, Highly Available Technical Support

Clients have technical support available 24 hours a day, as well as remote, secure web access to view the distributed control system.

Frontline Uses State-of-the-Art Engineering Software:

ASPEN Plus®: State-of-the-art modeling of chemical and thermal processes

SolidWorks®: Three-dimensional CAD modeling and drafting

AutoCAD®: Two and three-dimensional CAD for piping and instrumentation diagrams

Bentley® STAAD: 3D structural analysis and design

Bentley® AutoPIPE: Pipe stress analysis

PDMWorks®: Revision control of drawings and models

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