Gasification Technologies 

Frontline BioEnergy® gasification systems convert waste into valuable synthesis gas (syngas) and a biochar coproduct. Frontline BioEnergy has patented gasification technologies, the extensive know-how, and trade secret IP as well.

PMFreeGas® Gasification utilizes a pressurized reactor containing a fluid bed of sand, known as a pressurized bubbling fluidized bed (PBFB). PMFreeGas® is our most basic gasifier design and can be operated with air or pure oxygen with steam. This patented technology suits thermal applications where the exact composition of the syngas is not critical to its use, such as in a boiler to produce steam or in equipment that uses the hot gas to provide process heat. This technology can replace natural gas or propane fuels with biomass or waste-based solid fuels.

TarFreeGas® Advanced Gasification, similarly to PMFreeGas® gasification, TarFreeGas® utilizes a pressurized reactor containing a fluid bed of sand and can operate with either air and steam or pure oxygen and steam. TarFreeGas® causes tar levels up to 99% lower than traditional fluidized bed gasifiers.

Gasifier Features

  • Fluidized Bed Converter
    The fluidized bed converter design allows for greater fuel flexibility to process refuse-derived fuels (RDF) or different types of biomass feedstocks including corn stover, grasses, orchard waste, and nut shells. The high temperature contained in the fluidized bed, the good mixing, and the resulting high heat transfer rates provide stable and uniform operating temperatures even on large scales.
  • Operation at Pressure
    Pressurized operation (up to 10 bar) results in greater throughput for a given converter size which reduces the capital cost of a system. Operating at pressure greatly reduces compression power requirements for synthesizing final products.

Gas Cleaning Technologies

ALKOOL™ technology provides an alkali-free syngas while avoiding deposition and fouling normally encountered when processing feedstocks high in sodium and potassium. Removing these alkali metals protects equipment from damage.

PMFreeGas® Filtration is required for all products and feedstocks. PMFreeGas® Filtration utilizes high-efficiency filter elements to produce a gas that is free of particulate. This filtration can be done successfully in the presence of gasifier produced tars.

PMFreeGas filter at CVEC.