Frontline Delivers Pyrolysis Plant Modules to Stine Seed Farms
June 9, 2021
Frontline Employees Participate in Annual Volunteer Day
September 17, 2021

Frontline BioEnergy Signs Licensing Agreement for Pyrolysis Technology

On June 8th, Frontline BioEnergy signed an agreement with the Iowa State University Research Foundation (ISURF) to license autothermal pyrolysis (ATP) technology developed by Iowa State University (ISU) researchers. This comprehensive license will allow Frontline to employ ATP technology in its own projects and in partnership with companies to unlock the value of waste biomass.

“This licensing agreement is a huge step into the future of biomass conversion,” remarked Frontline CEO, Jerod Smeenk. “Through our collaboration with Stine Seed Farms, we will soon demonstrate that ATP technology can be deployed on a commercial scale. The licensing agreement with ISURF allows us to continue streamlining and expanding this process and its capabilities.”

ATP can convert agricultural and forest wastes into usable products without the high temperature combustion used in many biomass processing facilities.

Pyrolysis plants such as the demonstration plant built in collaboration with Stine Seed Farms will produce a multitude of valuable products, including:
• biochar, which can be used as a soil amendment for farmland
• bio-oil, which can be used to produce bio-asphalt, refined to create diesel and jet fuel, or upgraded to recover specialty chemicals
• thermal energy, which can be used for process heat or electrical generation

After ISU researchers developed this technology, Frontline leveraged the operational data and findings from ISU’s pilot plant to engineer and fabricate the 50-tpd demonstration plant. The licensing agreement enables Frontline to bring more value to Iowa’s biomass and greater profitability to local farmers.

To talk to us about developing your own pyrolysis project, fill out the project application form found here.