Iowa Energy Center’s Spotlight: Frontline Finds Success at BECON
February 17, 2014
Frontline receives patent for its TarFreeGas™ gasifier.
May 2, 2016
gas cleaner

Frontline demonstrates fully integrated biomass to methanol production.

The Frontline team modified its pilot plant to produce renewable methanol from biomass and MSW-derived feedstock.

Frontline’s pilot plant is a fully integrated facility:

  • feeding of biomass or MSW derived materials as well as oxygen and steam to the gasifier;
  • gasification of the feedstock using Frontline’s proprietary TarFreeGasTM gasifier;
  • gas clean-up and conditioning using Frontline’s proprietary PerfectGasTM gas cleaning;
  • syngas compression and methanol synthesis using industry standard catalysts;
  • methanol upgrading to Grade A methanol quality.