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March 19, 2021
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June 9, 2021

Nebraska Public Power District and Frontline BioEnergy Announce Collaboration

Frontline, Nebraska Public Power District, ION Clean Energy, and several other organizations are collaborating on a U.S. Department of Energy sponsored study to reduce the carbon intensity of the electricity generated at NPPD’s Gerald Generating Station. Implementation of Frontline’s gasification technology will be coupled with the Front-end Engineering Design (FEED) study for ION’s carbon capture process downstream of GGS Unit 2; the overall bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) project aims to reduce the carbon footprint of the generated electricity with a target of net zero emissions.

Frontline’s scope encompasses preliminary engineering for the coupling of a biomass gasifier to produce biomass-derived fuel gas to partially replace coal as boiler fuel for the station. This in-direct cofiring approach transforms biomass materials into a fuel gas that can be combusted in the utility boiler in a similar fashion as natural gas. It will enable waste biomass utilization without the downsides associated with utility boiler direct co-firing, such as expensive biomass grinding, boiler tube fouling and corrosion, and coal ash contamination. The Frontline gasifier approach protects the utility boiler, preserves the coal ash value, and creates a valuable biochar for use as a soil amendment. If you would like additional information about this project or would like to pursue indirect co-firing for your project, contact us here.