ISU/Stine/Frontline Collaboration Wins $1 Million XPRIZE for Carbon Removal
May 4, 2022
SoCalGas Files for San Joaquin Renewables Project Permits With CPUC
August 9, 2023

Frontline BioEnergy Featured in Energy, Oil & Gas Magazine

Since our founding in 2005, Frontline BioEnergy has been building commercial-scale renewable energy systems to meet energy and environmental

needs. Right now, we are developing the front-end engineering design package for our project in San Joaquin Valley of California to convert agricultural waste biomass into renewable natural gas. 

Natural gas is an ideal biofuel as it can go into a pipeline system, which is similar to a power grid in many ways. “Once it’s in the pipeline, it can be bought by anyone connected to that pipeline,” said TJ Paskach, President of San Joaquin Renewables and Chief Technology Officer at Frontline BioEnergy. “That means almost anyone can use our biofuel, from buildings and homeowners, to CNG fueling stations, or even other biofuel plants. We’re at the leading edge of bringing this technology to the market, and the San Joaquin Renewables project is paving the way for a future of renewable energy.” 

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