About Frontline BioEnergy, LLC

Mission: To be a Global Leader in Waste and Biomass Gasification Solutions for Renewable Energy, Renewable Fuels, and Products.

Since 2003, Frontline BioEnergy has been designing systems and proprietary equipment for biomass gasification. As each year passes, there is a noticeable and growing need to explore alternatives for clean fuel and energy production.

After successfully delivering and operating one of the largest operating biomass gasifiers in North America, Frontline BioEnergy has continued to develop its gasification, gas cleaning, and gas conditioning technologies to offer solutions that are practical, cost-effective, efficient and reliable. Frontline BioEnergy® gasification solutions are appropriate for producing renewable fuels via catalytic or fermentation processes, making renewable energy with combustion turbines, or re-powering existing utility boilers with biomass or waste fuels.

Frontline’s engineering and support staff combine expert-level knowledge with firsthand field experience. The result is a practical approach to robust engineering design and development.

Corporate Values

Integrity and Trust
In all facets of business and communications, Frontline BioEnergy’s staff maintains an ethical approach – earning the support and trust of clients, employees, colleagues, and the public.

Commitment to Success
Client success is our passion. By investing in the success of our employees, we earn their loyalty and commitment to the success of each client – resulting in an advantageous cycle that results in all teams (including their customers) winning.

Our approach is centered around the concept of going the extra mile to get it right the first time and to respect the time-sensitive needs of our clients.

Community & Giving
We believe in the philosophy of giving back to the community. We have been a proud participant in the United Way’s annual Day of Caring which has given us the opportunities to volunteer and support the United Way’s vision, “To Improve the quality of life in our community for individuals and families.”