Frontline's new location at BECON.
Frontline moves its engineering office.
June 26, 2019
An early module of the Stine ATP project.
Frontline Begins Construction of Stine ATP Modules
June 29, 2020

RFS Pathway Approved For Project Partner San Joaquin Renewables

On May 11th, the EPA division of air quality and transportation reviewed and accepted SJR’s D3 RIN Pathway Petition. The EPA greed with the petition in terms of the displaced fuel, the cellulosic content, and the alternative fate of biomass. The EPA accepts that the SJR project will produce natural gas transportation fuel that will result in a healthier environment. The SJR plant is expected to have a 96% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions when compared to other production plants. Biomass Magazine has also written an article going into further detail about SJR’s RFS pathway approval on May 22nd.

To read more, visit this article on the San Joaquin website by clicking here.