Frontline Starts CVEC Gasifier
April 28, 2008
Iowa Power Fund Advances Iowa State Development of Clean Energy Technologies
March 9, 2009
CVEC facility


Biomass as an Alternative Fuel in Frontline Bioenergy’s Gasification Systems

Frontline BioEnergy offers industrial natural gas users and coal-fired power generators an opportunity to operate their existing boilers and dryers on biomass such as corn stalks and cobs, wood or switchgrass. A Frontline gasifier system can be constructed adjacent to an existing facility with little disruption of existing plant operations. The retrofit burners are capable of firing combustible “producer gas” from the gasifier as well as natural gas or propane. This unique capability for instant natural gas backup ensures maximum up-time of plant operations.

Frontline’s proprietary CLEANGAS® technology solves the usual tar challenges of biomass gasification, allowing the producer gas to be piped to multiple gas appliances. The proprietary gas clean up and pressurized operation also offers the customer the opportunity to convert to syngas production in the future, providing steam, power and biofuels from the same installation.

CVEC facility